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    3 Daily Shows - Kent Family Circus

    You actually have to think of us as a hybrid of circus, theater, and vaudeville, with a sprinkle of side-show. One thing for sure, the Kent Family Circus is very different than anything you have experienced before, yet they are so familiar and comfortable. One family, under God, with energizing fun, and thrills for all. .


    Sunday 7pm - Tba at Fair Haven Church with a free will offering

    Monday 7pm - TBA

    TUESDAY 7pm - Maciek's Magic Show

    Maciek Magic Show"The audience was in awe. Three year olds and senior citizens alike watched with their mouths hanging open. Maciek blends elements of mystery with laughter throughout the show. We loved his presentation." Beth- Carson City Public Library


    WEDNESDAY 7pm - Scottville Clown Band

    The Scottville Clown Band Since 1903, those famous clowns from Scottville, Michigan have been entertaining millions of music lovers throughout the state. The Scottville Clown Band consists of musicians from all walks of life and all parts of the map. Members are doctors, lawyers, insurance agents, truck drivers, photographers, blacksmiths, horseshoers, social workers, farmers, retirees, unemployed, police officers, salesmen, sailors, politicians, pilots, criminals, educators, conductors, students, grocers, meat cutters, laborers, disc jockeys, reporters, mechanics, servicemen, accountants, engineers, bankers, bakers, butchers and even judges.


    THURSDAY 7pm - Johnny Cash Impersonator, Cal Klokkert

    Hello, my name is Cal Klokkert. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to introduce myself and give you an idea of the shows that I put on. I have always been a big fan of Johnny Cash’s music. The day that Johnny died I decided I wanted to keep his legend and music alive by doing a “Johnny Cash Tribute Show”. My shows are of his music but it also enables you to understand his life and the struggles that he went through.

    FRIDAY 7pm - The Williams Family Band

    A fixture in West Michigan for over three decades, the Williams Family band and their mix of bluegrass, country, folk and Gospel continues to entertain fans and music lovers from near and far. Founded by the late Larry Williams (a Michigan Country Music Hall of fame fiddle player), his children and grandchildren carry on his legacy with consistently crisp instrumentals, tight vocal harmonies and the inherent grace of a close-knit Christian family.